Frequently Asked Questions
How does Perch work?
We help young adults build their credit using non-traditional data - such as rent, Netflix, utilities, and more - for free! Our mission is to teach financial literacy and help people jumpstart their credit score.
What do you need to sign up? Why do we need it?
In compliance with US regulations we require identity verification at sign-up, including submission of photo ID or other documents as needed.
Does signing up affect my credit?
No, signing up does not affect your credit score.
Are there any fees?
Perch is completely free to use, so more people can access the financial health they deserve.
How do I contact Perch Customer Support?
Feel free to reach out with any questions to
Is linking my bank account secure?
We use Plaids API (its the same service you use to connect your bank account to apps like Venmo and Acorns) in our services. So rest assured, your account information will be safe and secure.
Can I still use Perch if my credit score is already good?
Of course — continuing to report recurring payments will keep benefitting you, although you might see a less drastic score improvement compared to someone who has a low score or a lack of credit history. You can also use Perch for other purposes, like maintaining your savings goals and tracking expenses. Plus, you can expect us to continue rolling out improvements and features, so why not stick around?
Someone else pays for my rent. Can I still improve my credit score?
As long as your rent is being paid with funds from your bank account, you can still improve your credit score. For example, if your guarantor transfers rent money into your account every month and you use that money to pay your rent, we can still report these recurring payments. If you pay your rent directly from your guarantors bank account, then we cant report that as your data to credit bureaus.